i took the plunge and started my online shop!

This year is pretty terrible, isn’t it?! So many people are losing their so much including homes and jobs. It’s not left me unaffected, either. Freelance designers have been the first to be chucked out of the publishing train in 2020.

A sketchbook page full of inspiration

But, as they say, where one door closes, another opens. I’ve had leisure time. An opportunity to draw without having to make someone else’s project a priority! And it’s resulted in my being able to produce art prints and cards and put them up on my very own website….


For the moment I have six prints in A4 and A3, and several greeting cards, and more will come soon. I’d love it if you’d take a look and let me know what you think!

Pink Pomegranate prints

I am so very excited to be starting this journey. And it’s also rather scary, restarting my career in a way, when I’m already halfway through life at the age of 41. I’m sure my book design work will pick up again eventually, but I’m not going to give up on this when it does, either!

Burpday birthday cards

Don’t forget to sign up to my email list for previews, event notices and 15% off your first purchase, too! There will be some beautiful things happening this year despite it all.

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