A teeny tiny hot tamale: day 13 of the 100 day project

Chihuahuas are Mexican toy dogs. This hot tamale dog is popular for showing but can also be a loving and loyal family dog. Day 13 of The 100 Day Project and 100 Days of Pets, drawn in Procreate. Apparently the breed standard weight is 1 to 3 kilograms. So light! Of course I had to... Continue Reading →

flexible sleepy cat: day 12 of the 100 day project

Snoozy cats are the cutest things. Such weird and wonderful positions they take! Apparently their spinal discs are super-elastic, which enables them to contort into random and unusual shapes. Day 12 of The 100 Day Project and 100 Days of Pets, drawn in Procreate. Don't you wish your body would do that instead of waking... Continue Reading →

a very chunky sketchbook tour

Welcome to another sketchbook tour! Filled with acrylic and gouache paintings, random ideas and quirky sketches, this one took me nearly ten years to complete. Hope you enjoy it! You can also watch on and subscribe to my YouTube channel. There are subtitles available, and the transcript is below if you need to read as... Continue Reading →

painting landscapes inspired by the Lake District

Last night, while watching April of Monkey Mintaka livestream on YouTube, I spent some time drawing an unfamiliar subject – landscapes. She lives in the beautiful Lake District in the UK, and photographs the stunning scenery around her. Inspired by four of those lovely photographs (click through to April's livestream video to see them), and this... Continue Reading →

painted pumpkins – daily sketchbook

Apparently it's pumpkin spice season now. September is definitely giving autumn vibes already and I'm definitely not mad at it given the hot hot hot summer we've had in London. What's your opinion on the painted pumpkin craze? This page had an acrylic* background that I painted, like the last one for the mushrooms yesterday,... Continue Reading →

magic mushrooms – daily sketchbook

Mushrooms come in so many different shapes and sizes and colours. These are just imaginary ones but perhaps there are as yet undiscovered ones that look exactly like this, in Faerieland perhaps? My imagination is my escape. Life can be hard sometimes, and lately in the UK it's just getting more and more stressful, surprising... Continue Reading →

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