custom giftwrap for an order

Did you know I can giftwrap your orders for free if you need them sent as a gift? This useful and beautiful Baker's Kitchen Chart print was purchased not once, but twice by a lovely customer. The Baker's Kitchen Chart art print One for herself and the other for her friend. Of course, since it... Continue Reading →

how to take product photos

Hi everyone, I did an instagram live while photographing my prints, and have edited it for you to view here. I'm not a photographer, but I hope you find some of the things I do useful in your own photography. All the prints featured are my own illustrations, available at and listed below. You... Continue Reading →

how to frame art prints

So, I did a thing! I went live on instagram and saved the video and now it's the first of, hopefully, many on my new YouTube channel! I'll post them here too so no need to rush over there and subscribe (unless you want to!) This one's all about how I frame my own artwork... Continue Reading →

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