studio vlog #4, behind the scenes in August 2021!

Hi everyone! Here’s my new studio vlog! Enjoy!

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Hi everyone. I’m Arati Devasher. Welcome to another studio vlog!


So today I want to plan a few reels / YouTube shorts / Tiktoks. I know that I’m not the best at short form content. I tend to, as you know, in my vlogs, I tend to ramble on, but I feel like what I’m doing on instagram isn’t me. Using other people’s music and other people’s voice on my reels doesn’t feel right somehow. I feel like I need to have my own original spoken voice or some sort of music or something on there along with my own original content. So I want my reel to be entirely original and obviously I’ll probably cross-post to Tiktok as well, like, I don’t have the time to do all of them at the same time. So what I’ve got so far… where’s my notebook gone? Hang on. I think I probably have to refill my fountain pen as well, but what I’ve got so far is… you know the commissioned piece that I did of the of the pet portrait from a few weeks ago? A couple of months ago, actually, now. I feel like I’m going to use that as as the reel, like consolidated into, like… if I can do 15 to 30 seconds I think that should be fine. And then what I want to do is… I’ve written down here, I’ve made notes in my in my book about what I want to talk about… is about… talking about the fact that it’s a commission, that I need to do whatever… I can’t read what I’ve written! …  need to do my own style, but also put some of the owner or the pet’s owner’s personality in, insomuch as I… as I can understand it because I very often just speak to them on email or over the phone or something. So how much I understand of them is based just on that short interaction. And also I want to put in something of the love that we feel for our dogs. So I’m going to write a short script and see how much I can condense that video into and fingers crossed I can do. It’s… it’s going to take a while and I’m going to have to use my phone to edit it and therefore and then do the voiceover but I hope that that’ll work. We’ll see. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, so on to that. 


Hmm, so I’ve done my reel. I’ve put it up and hopefully we’ll see how this goes. If I can like keep it up. By the time this vlog goes out I probably would have put it on YouTube shorts as well, so do go take a look. I’ll probably link it in the description box below or somewhere up here in that little ‘i’ icon that pops up, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I think… I think maybe later in this vlog I will update you on how it went. Anyway, now I’m going to do a little bit of sketchbooking* because I just want to kind of… this… this Tiktok stuff takes me a really like… tiktok / reel stuff takes me a really long time. It always stresses me out quite a lot, so I’m just gonna like, relax, do a little sketchbook-ing and then I’ll be fine, I think. See you later!


I have just finished editing my Art Cart tour. I think it should probably be up by the time this vlog goes out and today I have to make the thumbnail. I have been struggling to be honest with my YouTube thumbnails a little bit. I started off with just my face, you know, doing things like that… but I don’t feel that’s really me. That’s very like… I feel like it’s clickbait-y and it’s more for somebody whose face is better known than mine. I’m just starting out on YouTube and I just want to… want people to watch my videos for the content, not because it’s me. I mean who knows me, anyway, but so… I’m going to try something slightly different. I am going to do the hand one, whatever, I think something like that… for the video, but I think I’m gonna try and see if I can do something that doesn’t have my face on it. I’ve taken a picture of the cart and I have the font that I made a few weeks ago… a few weeks ago… a few months ago on Calligraphr and I’m going to try and use those two, and figure it out. So I’m going to use Photoshop but I’m also going to plug my iPad in and use it as a tablet as Sidecar, and if I can get… if I can film it without a reflection I’ll see if I can put that stuff in here now.


So I did manage to do the thumbnail. I think I’m happy with it. I’m not sure whether to flip the cart over to the other side, but I’m going to put it up like this and schedule the video. Maybe you can tell me whether you think I should shift the text over or not. So here’s what I’ve got… that’s what I’ve got. I hope you can see it without a reflection. That’s what I’ve got and I feel like maybe I should move the cart over to that side and the text over that side, but we’ll see… we’ll see how it goes.

(cooking & sizzling sounds)

Hi again. It has been such a miserable summer, so far. It’s raining again but I do have something exciting to do tomorrow and I really really hope it’s not raining tomorrow, because I do have to go into London. For my friend’s birthday I bought her tickets to the Van Gogh Experience and we’re going to go to that tomorrow. It’s been such a long time since we’ve been to an exhibition together. We usually… I’ll ask her if she wants to be in the vlog, and if she is then I’ll introduce her, but we… it’s… we usually go to exhibitions and things together. We’ll have a cup of coffee, we’ll go to an art shop, we’ll go to an exhibition, and it has been really really sad that we haven’t been able to do that for more than a year. So for her birthday I got the tickets and then… well, her birthday was back in July, but we’re just… we could only get tickets for tomorrow, so we’re going to go to that. I will see… I believe they encourage you to film in there, so I will see what I can film, and I’ll insert the clips in after this. But I’m… we’re also going to wander around Spitalfields so if I can manage to take some video there, that’ll be really nice. I do know that they have tours of Spitalfields, the Huguenots and stuff like that, where they lived, where the weavers lived, all that stuff, so maybe we’ll do that someday, and I’ll take you along for that as well. Anyway, that’s tomorrow, but today I’m just going to do some random admin stuff and I can’t believe my blasted fleece is back in play. This is August, people! August! August, England, wake up! But yeah, it’s cold. Anyway, see you tomorrow.


Hi everyone. It is another weekend and it’s already the middle of August. I can’t believe time has flown so fast. I mean, we’re more than halfway through the year already, and summer is almost over. Not that we had much of one, but speaking of summer, it seems to be finally here. It is a little bit warmer. It’s not sunny, exactly, but it’s cloudy-sunny in the way that England gets. But the best part is, it has stopped raining. So we can mow the lawn. Now, it is seriously overgrown. I’ll give you a little tour just after I talk to you, and we haven’t been able to mow it because we have an electric mower. We didn’t want to get the petrol ones because it’s not very eco-friendly, but it does mean that when it’s raining we can’t use the electric mower, because electrocution is a risk. But today we’re going to do that, so I’ll give you a quick tour of the garden, as it is, quite overgrown, and then once we’ve tidied it up, my husband and I, then I will show you what it looks like, a bit neater. It won’t be completely done this weekend because I still do have to paint some of the planter boxes, order the soil for it, order some plants for it, or we might actually go to the garden center, but last time we went they didn’t have very many evergreen plants, which is what we want. But, anyway, let me show you that now. 

So here’s the garden, and I think we can all agree that it needs some work. We have neglected it for a few weeks. So in this corner, where I actually need to get a plant, it has got a bit overgrown with weeds. Definitely need to trim the lavender here and on the other side. That’s fine… more weeding, definitely need to cut the grass. The rest of it seems… it seems quite fine. That section of grass, I think, needs cutting before we can actually mow it, and then obviously the lavender hidden behind it… all the white lavender, which needs trimming, and then this is… this lavender here is starting to go gray, so I definitely need to trim that as well, and some bits of the sage are starting to go brown again, so I need to trim that. And I feel like I need to trim it there, so it’s not interfering with the viburnum so much. And the poppies I showed you a couple of months ago, still going strong. I am tapping out the seed heads into my beds so that I get them again next year. And then these are doing quite well as our well… massive weed, but I’m going to see how long… how high it can grow. I need to trim that down… that is the chocolate mint. The mint is flowering. Gonna leave that for a little bit, maybe chop off the little straggly ends, and then that needs replanting with new plants…. new pansies. But, yeah, overall needs a little work today, doesn’t it?!

Hi again, everyone. It is a few hours later. We’ve done what we can in the garden for now. My husband’s taken the dog out, so I will now show you what the garden looks like at the present moment. Slightly tidier as I said, and then after that I think I’m going to maybe get a head start on those Christmas illustrations that I wanted to do. I did want to finish them by now but I haven’t. As with all art stuff, sometimes you just don’t feel it, and I’ve tried them a couple of times and they just haven’t come out right. So I’m just going to leave it until I actually feel in the zone. That’s the problem with art stuff, isn’t it? You just have to feel in the zone and sometimes it just doesn’t come out right. But, anyway, let me show you the garden now and then after that I’ll put in the clips if I manage to do any illustration that I need to do. I seriously need to do it. 

Garden looks a bit more tidy. The lawn has been mowed – my husband did that, and I’ve trimmed the edges a little bit. I still have to do all the bushes and stuff but I think it looks a heck of a lot better, doesn’t it? We’ve moved those boxes because I want to paint them the same colour as the fence and, yeah, I started trimming that lavender, but then I had to stop. But, yeah, looking so much better. That little globe thing is actually a gift from a friend. Let me take you closer and show you that. It’s actually really nice. I think it was from Habitat. Yeah, so it’s just this little wire thing with the lights on it and it’s solar powered. So it’s over there… it looks really good, actually, even in the daytime it looks like a funky little thing hanging down there. But yeah. I mean I’m actually quite surprised how well this camera is filming at night. My phone is usually terrible, so, yeah, well happy. All the dog wants to do is play all the time… all the time. Yes, all right, all right, I’m playing, puppy I’m playing.

Morning! I decided to film but the dog decided to drink water, and he’s really, really loud so I’m gonna have to wait for him to finish before I can continue.


Drinking like there’s no tomorrow.

Are we done yet?!

The dog has finally stopped drinking the water, but what I need to do is tidy up my studio. I do want to film a studio tour because we are hoping to get some work done in the house… well, we were hoping this year – it’s not going to happen – but next year for sure, and I want to sort of do one round of the studio before that, so that I can even remember how it is later on. It’s kind of like a documentation of the whole process, but it is quite untidy. So it looks tidy on the surface because the floor is pretty clear,  except for the dog… the floor is pretty clear, and that’s always clear, because obviously I don’t want him to pick up anything or ruin anything. On this side I’ve got my cart which you would have seen the contents of in my last video. I have… most of that is tidy, but then I’ve got a few things up there that need to go in that box but I haven’t actually put them in and then these boards back here are usually used for my silk painting and I don’t do that anymore, as often, so they can go in the shed. So that’ll be a bit tidier. But the real tidying needs to be done over there where I have just let things pile up. And some of it is things that I purchased at the Crafty Fox Market, which I still haven’t actually put away. Some of it is my packaging and then there are some of my silk items. I sold a few pieces so I had to take them out and then these are some new things that I made. If you want to know my other website it’s and I make things like this and this and this. So that’s that. And I don’t even know… well, there’s a bunch of… excuse me, what are you doing?! Not for you. The moment he hears a packet crackling, he turns up. So there’s a whole bunch of paperwork I need to sort out there… my discs here of old work which I had taken out for various things, then this is an order I have to post out. A fair bit of tidying to be done. I haven’t even gone over that stuff over there. Anyway, I shall get started!


Hi everyone. I’ve just cleared out my A3 and A4 drawers, just tidily put back all the prints that came back from the Crafty Fox Pop-up but I think I definitely need a different storage solution for these because this is not the best way of keeping them, and every time I get an order I have to like go through everything and sort of pick out the ones that I need to send. This drawer with the A4 and A3 is a bit more manageable but… sorry A4 and A5. But the A3 ones and the 12x12s definitely need some sort of organization hack. I think I have paper drawers in the shed which are holding random tools and things but I will reorganize that maybe and put them in here. I also still have a few things to put away and I found this in the back of that drawer which is random guttas* for silk painting which doesn’t actually go in there, and some old stamps that I had made that I’d carved from lino and stuff, which I used to use for gift wrapping, which I might again do this year. That might be quite fun to do. Shall I do a video on that for you? How to make your own gift wrapping with kraft paper and your own rubber stamps? I might do that. And then I found these which actually I have been looking for for a while and I didn’t know where they were. These are magnetic… see here, these are the things that attach… they are magnetic frames, like so, for artwork.

Now, this wall in my studio used to have pictures of things from my calendar from two years ago. Let me see if I can find that… hang on, actually, here it is. So this is my calendar from two years ago and I had all twelve of these samples printed up and (hung) up here like this on that wall and then we thought that we would do some renovating and punch through that wall into the living room but it didn’t happen and so I took them off for nothing. So what I’m thinking now is I will redo this wall because I have some frames down there. Not all of them will go up here, but I thought that I could use some washi tape and kind of jazz up that wall a little. Let’s see what we can do!


— roadblock! —


So here’s what I’ve got so far. I stuck up a few Command hooks with a bit of string and I’ve got some postcards on there. I will take you through the details of everything when I do my studio tour but then I’ve got some of the samples from my calendar, so on the back of these they’ve actually got the calendar itself. So there’s those. I’ve got my colour wheel there which I can easily take off and use. My Father’s Day cards and the samples… I stuck the samples up and then this sample, which didn’t come out… the text wasn’t particularly clear. Got one of my postcards and another print, a couple more of my pieces… I feel like I need a few more on that side but everything is easily removable in case we do manage to bang a hole through there into the living room at some point. I don’t actually want to put the frames up there because I will put them, I think, in the kitchen so that I can easily take them off. Because I do use them for photography of my prints. So there we have that. I think that’s pretty nice background as well, don’t you think? 

Hi again. I have been editing this vlog and it’s getting close to forty minutes so I think I should probably end it now, and then, even though there’s a few days of August left, I’ll just start the next vlog after this. And as you can see I have a few more things up on that wall. I am going to rejig it a little bit as well because I’m not quite happy with the placement of things, but I will show you in detail… well, you’ll keep seeing it in my vlogs, but I will show you in detail in my studio tour, which hopefully will be a couple of videos after this. I do need to have still have a little tidy up before I can film that, but I hope you’re looking forward to it. And do let me know in the comments what you’d like to see in that. Would you like to see just the general stuff… my desk set up and how I store things? Or would you like an in-depth detailed series where in the first one I show you my studio and then in the next one I go into every box and show you what’s what and what I store and how? So let me know in the comments below. I

In the meantime, thank you for watching and I will see you in my next one. Bye!

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