simple roll storage hack for my studio!

Adding roll storage to my studio has been the best organisation thing I’ve done this month. This means that I’ve taken the rolls out of a box and put them up off the floor – makes it easier to clean and it’s out of my way as well.

It’s the easiest hack in the world too. All you need is two strips of wide tape or cord – here I’ve used the remnants of an old leather belt cut in half. Plus a shelf to attach them to.

Loop the cord around a shelf, tying secure knots. Make sure both are the same length so your rolls are straight when hung. The distance between the cords should be slightly shorter than the shortest roll you intend to hang.

Pro tip: make sure the knots are secure and the cord is properly looped over the shelf so the whole thing won’t fall down!

Then put in your rolls and voila! You have yourself a very tidy storage solution! I put the rolls I use least often at the bottom and have ended up stacking a few folded papers on top too!

Have you got a hack for your storage? Do tell! I’m always looking for more organisation tips and tricks.

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