are POSCA PENCILS as good as POSCA PENS?! swatch and test with me.

Are Posca Pencils* as good as Posca Pens? Here's my comprehensive review of the full 36-colour Posca Pencils set. You can also watch on and subscribe to my YouTube channel. There are subtitles available, and the transcript is below if you need to read as well as watch. I'd love to hear what you think,... Continue Reading →

my last art supplies haul of the year!

Here is my last art supplies haul of the year! It includes everything I have acquired over the last six months and have been saving to share with you. From Apple Pencil tips to sketchbooks, a planner, new art book, paints, coloured pencils and more, this one has a lot packed in, so get a... Continue Reading →

painting landscapes inspired by the Lake District

Last night, while watching April of Monkey Mintaka livestream on YouTube, I spent some time drawing an unfamiliar subject – landscapes. She lives in the beautiful Lake District in the UK, and photographs the stunning scenery around her. Inspired by four of those lovely photographs (click through to April's livestream video to see them), and this... Continue Reading →

enjoy an affordable Christmas with Super Seconds Festival this October

Remember the fab sample and seconds sale from April this year? It's your lucky week, because Super Seconds Festival is coming up again this weekend Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October 2022. Check out the sale PREVIEW now! It is the UK's biggest independent seconds and sample sale, featuring 250 independent makers: artists, designers and crafters – all offering affordable and very giftable creations...... Continue Reading →

painted pumpkins – daily sketchbook

Apparently it's pumpkin spice season now. September is definitely giving autumn vibes already and I'm definitely not mad at it given the hot hot hot summer we've had in London. What's your opinion on the painted pumpkin craze? This page had an acrylic* background that I painted, like the last one for the mushrooms yesterday,... Continue Reading →

magic mushrooms – daily sketchbook

Mushrooms come in so many different shapes and sizes and colours. These are just imaginary ones but perhaps there are as yet undiscovered ones that look exactly like this, in Faerieland perhaps? My imagination is my escape. Life can be hard sometimes, and lately in the UK it's just getting more and more stressful, surprising... Continue Reading →

Popular British beer

Sometimes, having a simple conversation over a drink can spark an idea for an illustration. That's exactly what happened when I asked my husband why he prefers IPA over any other type of beer. Planning out my artwork and confirming the beer 'colours' And he said that's not exclusively what he drinks, and he also... Continue Reading →

punny, funny father’s day card

Who doesn't love a good pun, right? And fathers in particular, given their predilection for "dad-jokes"! Mine is no less, and since he loves fried eggs (on toast with jam like me), it had to be sunny side up. This one was illustrated on my trusty iPad Pro in Procreate. The gadget was pricey, but... Continue Reading →

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