A teeny tiny hot tamale: day 13 of the 100 day project

Chihuahuas are Mexican toy dogs. This hot tamale dog is popular for showing but can also be a loving and loyal family dog. Day 13 of The 100 Day Project and 100 Days of Pets, drawn in Procreate. Apparently the breed standard weight is 1 to 3 kilograms. So light! Of course I had to... Continue Reading →

flexible sleepy cat: day 12 of the 100 day project

Snoozy cats are the cutest things. Such weird and wonderful positions they take! Apparently their spinal discs are super-elastic, which enables them to contort into random and unusual shapes. Day 12 of The 100 Day Project and 100 Days of Pets, drawn in Procreate. Don't you wish your body would do that instead of waking... Continue Reading →

the ugly stage of art

The reason I never show clients artwork in progress is because it's pretty ugly. These two pieces are in the middle stages... I've done the base coat on the dogs, and a little more detail on the cat, but both are unfortunately looking quite scary at the moment! Half-finished pet portraits can look pretty creepy!... Continue Reading →

a q&a and a dog pet ‘pawtrait’

Hi everyone! Here's my first studio vlog! I thought you might like to see what I get up to behind the scenes in my sHi everyone! This is my first Q&A along with a pet pawtrait (love that pun on portrait!)... if you have any more questions, please ask in the comments and I will... Continue Reading →

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