painting an elephant for charity

This is a #tbt (Throwback Thursday) to that time I hand-painted a little elephant for the Elephant Family tuktuk race waaaaaaaay back in 2015! The finished elephant It was painted all over in hearts and branches as per the design given to me, and then went to be varnished before it was attached to the... Continue Reading →

in reality, it takes me ages

Here is my actual, real-time process. Slow, precise strokes, taking the time to think, then paint. This is all I can actually do in just 15 seconds. So take these moments of painting zen and just BREATHE. It's not always necessary for artists to make a new piece of work every day and post on... Continue Reading →

Sharing what’s behind the scenes

Behind the scenes is something I'm getting more comfortable with showing in video rather than photography. It's hard to stop and take pictures – and pretty ones, at that! – while you're trying to be artist and businessperson at the same time. It's over on ny YouTube channel that I share these snippets of my... Continue Reading →

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