magic mushrooms – daily sketchbook

Mushrooms come in so many different shapes and sizes and colours. These are just imaginary ones but perhaps there are as yet undiscovered ones that look exactly like this, in Faerieland perhaps? My imagination is my escape. Life can be hard sometimes, and lately in the UK it's just getting more and more stressful, surprising... Continue Reading →

using good quality art materials is essential

Using gouache as a base, with pencils adding detail on top, it's a joy to work with good quality art materials. The priorities are always ease of use, range of colours, depth of colour and, of course, lightfast-ness, because you don't want the tones to fade over time, right? These Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils have been... Continue Reading →

my dad is a true marshmallow

This beautiful quote really sums up my lovely dad... This past weekend, it has been nine years since he gave me a second chance at life along with one of his his own kidneys. That's why I thought sharing my painting of this Richelle E Goodrich quote was particularly appropriate. Share your favourite quote that's... Continue Reading →

in reality, it takes me ages

Here is my actual, real-time process. Slow, precise strokes, taking the time to think, then paint. This is all I can actually do in just 15 seconds. So take these moments of painting zen and just BREATHE. It's not always necessary for artists to make a new piece of work every day and post on... Continue Reading →

the joy of learning from a master

I attended a one hour zoom call with Ohn Mar Win today. It was an exclusive for subscribers of her email list, and she taught us how she draws pears with wax resist. A simple techniques, but in her hands it creates illustrations of such beauty that you just sit back, stunned and admiring. Wax... Continue Reading →

years apart but still connected

It's funny how certain themes resonate with me. Does that happen to you – whether you're an illustrator like me, or creative in another field – a few themes and related imagery stick in your mind and are expressed in artwork. Zesty Escape Zesty Escape was painted in gouache (W&N designer gouache *) very recently.... Continue Reading →

it’s giving me that sunshine feeling…

This sketchbook piece I did a few weeks ago captures my feelings today. Yesterday was a downer, but my sunshine inside has been regenerated today by spending time with my husband and dog, despite it chucking down with rain all day long (refer to my stories for the depiction a very soggy dog walk). The... Continue Reading →

spooky cat silhouette paintings

Here's how I paint my cats. I draw a little half circle and add the pointy ears. Then I paint straight down for the front of the body, with one cheeky little paw out, and then a gentle curve for the back following on into a tail. How I paint a cat silhouette I then... Continue Reading →

5 lessons a 30 day art challenge taught me

This week's video is all about sharing my gouache painting process videos for the first ten prompts of the 30 day challenge that I just finished while talking about the five lessons I learned from doing this challenge. You can also watch on and subscribe to my YouTube channel. There are subtitles available, and the... Continue Reading →

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