adding silver leaf to a pet portrait print: live on Instagram

This afternoon I went live on my instagram, just for fun, while I was adding a layer of silver leaf to a pet portrait print for my client. It was pretty fun, and I had some nice conversations with my followers. It was a little difficult to concentrate on doing a good job as... Continue Reading →

cats seem to be on my mind lately

Everyone who knows me would unanimously agree that I, Arati, am a dog person. I don't by any means hate cats at all, I just prefer dogs! But, lately, I have been painting rather a lot of cats... Mostly influenced, I have go admit, by my sister's rescue cat, a lovely lad. This latest piece... Continue Reading →

a work in progress

Unfinished work. How rarely we artists show this stage of our process on social media! I, like others, am definitely guilty of preferring a pretty grid to one filled with work in progress. Painting a Christmas card idea And yet, a lot of my pieces are the most interesting in this stage. There are so... Continue Reading →

spooky cat silhouette paintings

Here's how I paint my cats. I draw a little half circle and add the pointy ears. Then I paint straight down for the front of the body, with one cheeky little paw out, and then a gentle curve for the back following on into a tail. How I paint a cat silhouette I then... Continue Reading →

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