this is still one of my favourite paintings

This little watercolour was painted a few years ago on lovely handmade cotton rag from Khadi Papers with a beautiful deckled edge. Inspired by homemade Indian pickles, it's still one of my favourite pieces and the original is still with me! I can't let it go. It is available as prints, though, and is one... Continue Reading →

summer fruits illustration in progress

It's the first time I've managed to sit down and draw thanks to being in bed with gout all weekend. Summer berries – to bring in an whiff of the warmest season even though it's raining loads as per usual in England. The base of this piece was done with markers, an unusual medium for... Continue Reading →

cats seem to be on my mind lately

Everyone who knows me would unanimously agree that I, Arati, am a dog person. I don't by any means hate cats at all, I just prefer dogs! But, lately, I have been painting rather a lot of cats... Mostly influenced, I have go admit, by my sister's rescue cat, a lovely lad. This latest piece... Continue Reading →

the highs and lows of making art

These three pictures represent a few highs and lows over the years. Sometimes pieces you make work and sometimes they don't. First is my Spring Ladybirds teatowel, an underperforming favourite for ... I really love the quirkiness and freshness of it, but it's really not done too well at all in terms of popular opinion.... Continue Reading →

how do I relax?

Relaxation is a strange thing in my world. My job is also my leisure activity and they both overlap so much, sometimes I don't know where one ends and the other begins. What do you do to relax? Comment and let's discuss it. I take classes, usually something which is in my field of interest,... Continue Reading →

spooky cat silhouette paintings

Here's how I paint my cats. I draw a little half circle and add the pointy ears. Then I paint straight down for the front of the body, with one cheeky little paw out, and then a gentle curve for the back following on into a tail. How I paint a cat silhouette I then... Continue Reading →

5 lessons a 30 day art challenge taught me

This week's video is all about sharing my gouache painting process videos for the first ten prompts of the 30 day challenge that I just finished while talking about the five lessons I learned from doing this challenge. You can also watch on and subscribe to my YouTube channel. There are subtitles available, and the... Continue Reading →

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