summer fruits illustration in progress

It's the first time I've managed to sit down and draw thanks to being in bed with gout all weekend. Summer berries – to bring in an whiff of the warmest season even though it's raining loads as per usual in England. The base of this piece was done with markers, an unusual medium for... Continue Reading →

using good quality art materials is essential

Using gouache as a base, with pencils adding detail on top, it's a joy to work with good quality art materials. The priorities are always ease of use, range of colours, depth of colour and, of course, lightfast-ness, because you don't want the tones to fade over time, right? These Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils have been... Continue Reading →

a mini art haul…

To paint the bisque blank baubles I purchased (see my last post), I made a few purchases from ny favourite shop, Jackson's Art*. My mini art supply haul! I had run out of fluid medium, so got some more of that. Bisque fired clay requires something that will adhere well to its porous surface, and... Continue Reading →

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