a work in progress

Unfinished work. How rarely we artists show this stage of our process on social media! I, like others, am definitely guilty of preferring a pretty grid to one filled with work in progress. Painting a Christmas card idea And yet, a lot of my pieces are the most interesting in this stage. There are so... Continue Reading →

the highs and lows of making art

These three pictures represent a few highs and lows over the years. Sometimes pieces you make work and sometimes they don't. First is my Spring Ladybirds teatowel, an underperforming favourite for ... I really love the quirkiness and freshness of it, but it's really not done too well at all in terms of popular opinion.... Continue Reading →

years apart but still connected

It's funny how certain themes resonate with me. Does that happen to you – whether you're an illustrator like me, or creative in another field – a few themes and related imagery stick in your mind and are expressed in artwork. Zesty Escape Zesty Escape was painted in gouache (W&N designer gouache *) very recently.... Continue Reading →

how do I relax?

Relaxation is a strange thing in my world. My job is also my leisure activity and they both overlap so much, sometimes I don't know where one ends and the other begins. What do you do to relax? Comment and let's discuss it. I take classes, usually something which is in my field of interest,... Continue Reading →

it’s giving me that sunshine feeling…

This sketchbook piece I did a few weeks ago captures my feelings today. Yesterday was a downer, but my sunshine inside has been regenerated today by spending time with my husband and dog, despite it chucking down with rain all day long (refer to my stories for the depiction a very soggy dog walk). The... Continue Reading →

a little re-introduction

It's #PEPtober with @andyjpizza over on instagram. While I was posting ny face over there as an introduction, it occurred to me that U haven't really said who I am here on this blog in quite a long time. So I thought I'd show my face again and do a little introduction. Hi! I'm Arati.... Continue Reading →

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