it’s been so great to have your support this weekend!

It's been such a wonderful weekend with support from you all for all my @supersecondsfestival posts and livestreams and stories! Thank you so much to everyone who made a purchase, even just a card! It really means a great deal, especially in the current climate when we're all struggling in so many ways. The sale... Continue Reading →

the joy of tidying

There is nothing quite a satisfying as neat and tidy product storage. It's quite terrifying how much I appreciate a tidy drawer. It's not that I spend an inordinate amount of time organising or cleaning up, it's just that once I have done it, it stays like that for quite a while and it's enormously... Continue Reading →

postcards are art too

Postcards are mini prints. If you forget about the name, and just think of them as small but beautiful pieces of art, you'll realise that they're ideal to put in a frame. And that frame can go anywhere. Lemon postcard in a frame Because they're small, they fit in inexpensive, small frames, which are lightweight.... Continue Reading →

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