a very chunky sketchbook tour

Welcome to another sketchbook tour! Filled with acrylic and gouache paintings, random ideas and quirky sketches, this one took me nearly ten years to complete. Hope you enjoy it! You can also watch on and subscribe to my YouTube channel. There are subtitles available, and the transcript is below if you need to read as... Continue Reading →

quick draw LIVE!

Remember the last time I did a live quick-draw on Instagram?! Well, it happened again, as one of the demos for the Super Seconds Festival in my previous post and it was so much fun! My followers suggested a variety of fun things to draw (mostly dogs!)... And it was an adventure in paint and... Continue Reading →

painting a crafty fox

Sly as a fox” is a traditional saying, painting the fox as a very crafty and cunning hunter in many fables and stories, so, over time, the fox became associated with trickery. I painted this fox in an instagram live "quick draw" the other day; it was requested by Sinead of The Crafty Fox Market,... Continue Reading →

cats seem to be on my mind lately

Everyone who knows me would unanimously agree that I, Arati, am a dog person. I don't by any means hate cats at all, I just prefer dogs! But, lately, I have been painting rather a lot of cats... Mostly influenced, I have go admit, by my sister's rescue cat, a lovely lad. This latest piece... Continue Reading →

my dad is a true marshmallow

This beautiful quote really sums up my lovely dad... This past weekend, it has been nine years since he gave me a second chance at life along with one of his his own kidneys. That's why I thought sharing my painting of this Richelle E Goodrich quote was particularly appropriate. Share your favourite quote that's... Continue Reading →

a work in progress

Unfinished work. How rarely we artists show this stage of our process on social media! I, like others, am definitely guilty of preferring a pretty grid to one filled with work in progress. Painting a Christmas card idea And yet, a lot of my pieces are the most interesting in this stage. There are so... Continue Reading →

old work i still love today

A long, long time ago, I can still remember when pastels used to make me... SMILE! Well, they still do now... this is a 2004 painting 'Feather and Egg' I made using oil pastels (Pentel, I think) and it's a piece I still really love today. Feather and Egg pastel painting Thankfully I still have... Continue Reading →

painting an elephant for charity

This is a #tbt (Throwback Thursday) to that time I hand-painted a little elephant for the Elephant Family tuktuk race waaaaaaaay back in 2015! The finished elephant It was painted all over in hearts and branches as per the design given to me, and then went to be varnished before it was attached to the... Continue Reading →

in reality, it takes me ages

Here is my actual, real-time process. Slow, precise strokes, taking the time to think, then paint. This is all I can actually do in just 15 seconds. So take these moments of painting zen and just BREATHE. It's not always necessary for artists to make a new piece of work every day and post on... Continue Reading →

the highs and lows of making art

These three pictures represent a few highs and lows over the years. Sometimes pieces you make work and sometimes they don't. First is my Spring Ladybirds teatowel, an underperforming favourite for ... I really love the quirkiness and freshness of it, but it's really not done too well at all in terms of popular opinion.... Continue Reading →

my first sketchbook tour!

Hi everyone, welcome to my first sketchbook tour! This is a mini-Moleskine i.e. a Moleskine Pocket, and it took 10 years for me to fill it! I hope you enjoy this one. If you do like my video, please do click the like button, so I know that you enjoyed it. You can also watch... Continue Reading →

5 lessons a 30 day art challenge taught me

This week's video is all about sharing my gouache painting process videos for the first ten prompts of the 30 day challenge that I just finished while talking about the five lessons I learned from doing this challenge. You can also watch on and subscribe to my YouTube channel. There are subtitles available, and the... Continue Reading →

7/31: Moth

Day 7 of the 30 day challenge, using the prompts from the Creativebug + Lisa Congdon 'Inktober' class. Gouache + pen on paper. ©Arati Devasher.

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