aggi1I’m a bookworm.
So I design books.

No day feels complete without my reading something – even if I’m too tired to get through more than a few pages before I fall asleep at night. Books open up a whole world filled with knowledge, adventure, laughter and incredible characters. They make things so much more interesting inside your own head, however mundane life may be in reality.

I currently live in London (the original one in the UK not the multitude of others in various nations) and work with a variety of clients worldwide. For fun, I create artworktake photographs and run Book Weyr (a book review blog).

This blog is where I put up nearly every piece of work I do, whether art or design.

For those of you who like facts and more detail, please visit my LinkedIn profile.





  1. Wow, impressive artwork and I love the page of book covers. Just in case I ever write the book I mean to!

  2. Yes I agree you have got some cool drawing ideas and talent, your artwork are impressive indeed and I will share to my friends.

    Keep up that awesome work. Enjoy!!
    Cool drawing ideas

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