endless love and beautiful memories: day 5 of the 100 day project

Beautiful cocker spaniels, in memory of the best boi, our lad Bagheera. Day 5 of The 100 Day Project and 100 Days of Pets, drawn in Procreate.

l have never drawn our beautiful spaniel Bagheera before. He came into our lives as a tiny ball of fluff when I was in my teens and was the BEST DOG EVER until he passed at the grand old age of 14, the year I turned 30 and moved to the UK. We’d just seen him that summer at my parents’ home and knew we would probably never see him again.

But he is forever in my heart and my thoughts always. Photos of him adorn my home even today, and see many of Baggy’s best qualities in our own dog Sam.

Once you have a dog, that love never ever leaves you.


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