yellow teapot with a mushroom pattern – daily sketchbook

September may be the start of Autumn or the rather literally named American version “fall” … but it’s also cosy season, where your occasional cuppa becomes a daily event, just for the joy of a warm beverage in your ever colder hands. So of course today’s daily sketchbook page features a (novelty) yellow teapot with a mushroom pattern – a nod to both the season and its symbols.

If you’re in the southern hemisphere, though, you might be making iced tea instead, hey? And it’s just going to get colder up here (I’m in London, UK) and warmer down there until it begins to switch right back to the opposite and continues in cycles over and over and over as it has always done.

These Posca Pencils* are pretty versatile. For the last two sketches, I’ve used them over gouache as I would normally do, but it felt right to use them on their own today, if only to assess their merit as coloured pencils rather than an adjunct to mixed media work.

I have to say they did rather well. The only failing was that the lighter colours of white, cream, yellow and pale pink do not work over the darker colours like some other pencils I own do. So that was a minus. But on the whole, not bad at all!

The one thing remaining to try is a test of whether gouache* works on top of them. A white highlight would not go amiss, especially on the belly of this pot. But I’ll try that next time – don’t want to ruin this pretty yellow teapot by trying at this stage!

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