working for good fundraising update: royal free charity

In March, I signed up to fundraise for UK for UNHCR via Work for Good (#notsponsored!!) in order to be able to fundraise both legally and consistently. Since then, with your help, I have donated to them as well as Cancer Research UK (May–August charity) and now it’s time for the next fundraiser.

And now, for the third charity of the year: 10% of every retail order* will be donated to Royal Free Charity via Work for Good, from 1st September until the end of the year, 31st January 2022.

Rarely though I talk about it, I have been a Renal Transplant outpatient at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead since 2012, so have seen first-hand how hard the entire staff works and how much care they take of us patients. Donations to the Royal Free Charity are helping fund research, equipment, facilities, amenities and services for patients and staff across their hospitals – the Royal Free, Barnet and Chase Farm – to go beyond their NHS funding.

You may remember that my silk masks raised £1000+ for them Royal Free Charity. Though my current fundraising might not rise to such heights, I do hope to send them a solid donation at the end of this period. You can read more about the charity and the work it does here.

My continued fundraising is a more sustainable, long-term way of fundraising for causes I believe in, since my personal resources can only go so far. This way, for as long as I earn, I will be able to donate to charities that align with my moral and ethical code.

Donating to a cause and making a difference in the world in my own small way is incredibly important to me. I hope you will support me in this, and if you would like to make a direct donation of your own, that would be absolutely wonderful too!

Regular updates will be sent to my mailing list and posted here on my blog.

Hopefully, with your help, I’ll consistently be able to reach the targets I set and make my small contribution towards the greater good.

*Bespoke commissions and wholesale orders not included in fundraising donations.

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