book review – linocut printmaking by laura boswell

I bought Linocut and Reduction Printmaking by Laura Boswell* as a gift for my friend… she loves it and I think you will too! Enjoy my first art book review, more to come soon.

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I am not sponsored by any brands and nothing has been gifted by brands either (just some presents from friends and family).

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Linocut Printmaking* by Laura Boswell (purchase via*)

Hi everyone, I’m Arati, welcome to my studio. I recently bought this book by Laura Boswell, all about linocut printing. I bought it as a birthday gift for a friend and I’m going to hand it off to her tomorrow, so I thought I’d do a quick review for you before it goes off.

The major reason why I got it is because Laura Boswell is somebody that both my friend and I have been following on Instagram for quite a long time. We admire her work and the beauty of it is amazing even if you don’t want to do linocut prints. I’m not a printmaker myself, but I still follow her.

The primary focus of this book is reduction linocut printing*, which basically means that you keep cutting away at a linocut block and you create a print at the end of which you can’t use that linocut block anymore because as you’ve been cutting away at it, you’ve made the print. It is unique.

The lovely thing about this book is that it is not just project based. A lot of books that are coming out these days, especially on art, watercolour, gouache and so on are focused on amateurs or beginners and they lead them through the process by just following the projects. This book is primarily – I think 130 pages of it – is tools, techniques, how to design a print and so on and in the last 30 pages are eight different projects of Laura Boswell’s own work, telling you how to do a reduction linocut print as she works through the process.

Now, the reason I like this book is that it is suitable for somebody who already knows how to printmake and just wants a little bit of extra information. It’s a beautifully produced book. The production quality both in terms of design and printing and photography is absolutely excellent.

I think that my friend will be very happy with this book*. My friend is a book binder and she binds her own linocut and etching prints, which is why I thought she would like this book. Overall, highly recommended. I’m not affiliated with Laura Boswell. Just really love her book and her work.

I hope you like this quick review and I’m going to go and package this up for my friend in nice gift-wrapping right now. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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