a happy customer sent me a photograph!

It’s rare that a customer sends me a picture of my artwork in situ. But it does happen, and in this case has been sent from half the world away, in the UAE.

Arati Devasher Illustration - Pink Pomegranate print in a customer's home

This lovely customer saw my Pink Pomegranate print when I posted on instagram about having sent it out to a customer in Switzerland, who wrote me a lovely review. They commented, asking where to purchase, and I directed them to my website and online shop where, delightfully, a short while later, they ordered the large A3 size as a gift!

There were a few issues with postage, it got lost somewhere en route – I did of course send over a second print gratis. The first one is lost somewhere in the postal service… perhaps it’s still stuck at UAE customs!

The lovely customer sent me an email saying, “[…] a massive thanks for the follow up on the wonderful pomegranate print which was my wife’s top gift. It’s already got pride of place in our kitchen. […] and again thanks for everything.”

Arati Devasher Illustration - Pink Pomegranate print in a customer's home

Have you purchased one of my products or originals? Please let me know and send me a picture, I’d love to see where it now lives!

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