Popular British beer

Sometimes, having a simple conversation over a drink can spark an idea for an illustration. That’s exactly what happened when I asked my husband why he prefers IPA over any other type of beer.

Arati Devasher Illustration - beer poster sketchbook ideas
Planning out my artwork and confirming the beer ‘colours’

And he said that’s not exclusively what he drinks, and he also enjoys a good lager, or stout (particularly Guinness) and other beers too.

Arati Devasher Illustration - beer poster work in progress
Beer base in place

Which then, of course, led to an enumeration of the kinds of beers and what he likes to drink at pubs. It was rather interesting because, thanks to health issues, I haven’t had a glass of beer in more than ten years, so my knowledge was sadly lacking.

And after that, of course I had to draw some beer! And this is the result! It definitely made me want to have a tall cold glass of beer, sadly not a temptation I can give in to.

Arati Devasher Illustration - beer poster finished original art
The sketchbook page brought to life

It’s not the first time I’ve drawn beer, the last was a greeting card with lager and stout, but this one has a deeper understanding of what beer is for sure!

Arati Devasher Illustration - beer painting in gouache and pencil
The finished illustration

What is your favourite beer? Or any other alcohol for that matter? You know, I might draw it!

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