working for good – a fundraising announcement

This month, I signed up to fundraise for UK for UNHCR via Work for Good (#notsponsored!!) in order to be able to fundraise both legally and consistently.

UK for UNHCR is the UN Refugee Agency’s national charity partner for the UK, building solidarity and raising funds to protect refugees worldwide. (via Work for Good which takes care of the legal aspects of fundraising as a business).

You may be aware that since May 2020, I have raised over £1000+ by donating profits from the sales of my silk masks to the NHS Royal Free Charity. Masks, however, are no longer needed as much as they once were.

So, over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a more sustainable, long-term way of fundraising for causes I believe in, since my personal resources can only go so far. This way, for as long as I earn, I will be able to donate to charities that align with my moral and ethical code.

10% of retail sales* both online at and in person at events, will be donated to UK for UNHCR from today until 30th April 2022, after which I will renew the fundraising agreement or choose another charity.

Why UK for UNHCR? Because, like them, I believe that every person fleeing conflict and persecution has the right to seek protection and rebuild their lives, no matter their nationality, race or gender.

The organisation leads international action to protect people forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution. Not just in Ukraine, but around the world in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, South Sudan, Rohingya, Nigeria, CAR, Iraq, DR of Congo, Venezuela, Ethiopia and more.

Thanks to voluntary contributions, UNHCR helps safeguard human rights, and ensure people have a safe place to call home – only around 1% of their funding comes directly from the UN.

Donating to a cause and making a difference in the world in my own small way is incredibly important to me. I hope you will support me in this, and if you would like to make a direct donation of your own, that would be absolutely wonderful too!

Regular updates will be sent to my mailing list and posted here on my blog.

Hopefully, with your help, I’ll consistently be able to reach the targets I set and make my small contribution towards the greater good.

*Bespoke commissions and wholesale orders not included in fundraising donations.

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