love is in the air + a funny, very personal valentine’s day story

There are some sweet new cards in the shop, sooner than the traditional date of February 1st, because what does it matter when you CELEBRATE LOVE… especially if you can’t wait until everyone else gets into the commercialism and pressures you into buying chocolates and cards and all sorts.

Making these cards has actually reminded me of a funny story from a very long time ago, when my husband and I first got together – we really, really didn’t like how commercialised Valentine’s Day was! Well, the two of us picked an arbitrary date – 28th April – and celebrated on that day instead, and six years later, that date changed to the 27th of February, our wedding anniversary. So February is back to being our month of “LURVE”!

And guess what? It’s still one of my favourite days ever, and we still totally ignore the actual date of February 14th (but if you don’t, that’s a cheeky little reminder!).

The first is a cute Lovebirds card, featuring a pair of birdies facing towards each other as they canoodle on a branch festooned with heart-shaped leaves. It’s perfect for couples and lovers, partners and spouses, or even just friends.

Plus, the Love Balloon card is perfect if your relationship is going up, up and up to new heights. It’s great for telling that wonderful person you love them, whether it’s a romantic occasion, or a special birthday or even just because, you know?! And it can also be used for non-romantic relationships, because LOVE is for EVERYONE.

So, whether love is in the air for you alone, or with someone you love, celebrate! Have a little party to celebrate EVERYDAY LOVE, too!

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