painting a crafty fox

Sly as a fox” is a traditional saying, painting the fox as a very crafty and cunning hunter in many fables and stories, so, over time, the fox became associated with trickery.

I painted this fox in an instagram live “quick draw” the other day; it was requested by Sinead of The Crafty Fox Market, rather appropriately! My usual gouache and polychromos friends were my tools.

Scientists seem to now think they may have the spooky ability to use the Earth’s magnetic field to detect distance as well as direction, the first animal thought to have this ability although many animals can sense the planet’s magnetic field.

Isn’t that fascinating? Foxes in general are rather fascinating, especially since they are quite common here in London. They raid the bins, and are generally seen as pests. They also pop into our garden fairly frequently, digging up the beds and peeping into the house (rather bold, since we have a dog!)

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