adding a new sticker design to my branding

Previously having used ready-made stickers that just say ‘thank you’ with a little heart, and a nice grey tissue paper. I like it, and it’s worked well so far. But, as I build my brand identity, there is a need to up my packaging game.

My previous packaging. Pretty, but not as on-brand.

So I got my graphic designer brain in gear and designed this 37mm circular design, with my brand name around the outside and a ‘Made in the UK’ logo in the centre. Where it’s made is a part of my brand ethos and is also newly important to people in the UK, particularly since Brexit.

Such a lovely, richly saturated print, consistent with my brand colours!

I’ll use it with my fresh yellow tissue paper, which I wrap around all my orders. Everything gets posted ‘naked’ with minimal packaging, so that’s all that is needed for online orders.

When I need to package my prints and products for stockists (retail shops), I’ll put it on the top right corner of the front of the prints, so it’s clearly visible when items are stacked together.

Here’s how my sticker will be used in situations where I need to package my prints… for stockists or in-person events.

And here is a look at what my orders will look like when you receive them from now on. Neatly wrapped, with some exclusive postcards and a personal note.

A fresh take on my packaging.

What do you think? Nice and cheerful, right?!

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