the joy of tidying

There is nothing quite a satisfying as neat and tidy product storage. It’s quite terrifying how much I appreciate a tidy drawer. It’s not that I spend an inordinate amount of time organising or cleaning up, it’s just that once I have done it, it stays like that for quite a while and it’s enormously pleasing to look at.

My greeting cards drawer, all the envelopes in place and cards labelled ready to pull out to post orders!

And then it also makes it so much easier to keep my paper products undamaged, dust free and easy to access when packing and sending out orders.

The beauty of this photograph is more in the stripes created by the stacked postcards than the neat labelling!

Colour inspiration from vertically stacked postcards has also become a thing! I’m definitely going to be using a few of the combinations you can see in these pictures!

Some of the red watermelon postcards are almost forming a check pattern, aren’t they?!

I did think for a few moments about buying proper section labels – I think they’re index-card sized – but in the end, it was simpler, and rather quicker to just fold some paper and stick it in between the cards and postcard mini prints with a quick title written with Sharpie.

No water-soluble pens here, liable to leak all over my products if any water or moisture (fingers crossed this never happens!) gets in to the drawers.

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