the ugly stage of art

The reason I never show clients artwork in progress is because it’s pretty ugly. These two pieces are in the middle stages… I’ve done the base coat on the dogs, and a little more detail on the cat, but both are unfortunately looking quite scary at the moment!

Half-finished pet portraits can look pretty creepy!

I have already finished these commissions and sent the pictures off to the client, who is, thankfully, ecstatic, but if she had seen these she may have had some serious doubts about how it would turn out 😂

I’ll share the finished pieces very soon, but in the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek!

Silver leaf for the cat.

The originals are going off to the framer’s this week and hopefully I’ll have a look at them before it’s sent off to the client. The dogs might look familiar becuse I’ve painted them before, from a different angle.

Copper leafing for the dogs

Pet portraits are some of my favourite paintings to do, but also the hardest because they have to actually look like the pets in question. Commissions are closed for 2021 while I finish the ones I have in time for Christmas, but keep an eye on my email list for when the 2022 slots open up.

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