having someone purchase my work via my instagram was exhilarating

A total stranger commented on one of my Instagram posts today. They realy liked the print I showcased and wanted to know how to purchase it. So I replied, saying they could either tap on the Instagram post to view the tagged products and buy that way, or click through to my profile and purchase via my online shop linked there.

And within a few moments of that reply, they placed an order! I have literally never seen anyone act so quickly to purchase… It was so EXCITING! I know there are probably more exhilarating things in life, but to a small business, there’s nothing nicer than someone who LOVES your work so much they HAVE to have it (and pays for international postage too!)

Funnily enough, it was a post about sending the same print to Switzerland and this is now my first parcel being sent to the United Arab Emirates. Apparently it’s an internationally beloved piece of art! I have never posted anything to the Middle East before, and had to do a commercial invoice and everything.

Very exciting times! I feel like getting a corkboard map and sticking little flags in whenevers I post internationally. So far, my artwork resides in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, The United States of America, Canada, India, the Republic of Ireland and possibly a few more places if the customers have gifted it onwards without my knowledge.

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