sometimes it’s simple to find tools to use for your art

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about ceramic palettes, or even ones that are handmade, with artists bemoaning how expensive they are, and how they can’t afford them. Last night, our dinner provided us with a simple solution, that reminded me of something… You need not purchase the best of everything in order to make art.

Our accompaniment to dinner came in this (admittedly non-ecofriendly) packaging.

So when I slid the dough balls out of the packet, and realised they were in this tray, I immediately thought about what else I could use it for (I really hate wasting packaging!) … And it would really make the perfect paint palette!

Not only does it look like any art palette you could find in a shop, it also has a solidity to it… It’s not flimsy, and I think it’d be perfect for acrylics or watercolours.

It’s got the perfect set of twelve not-too-deep wells that could be used for paint!

The wells are deep enough for paint to sit in them and be mixed without sloshing over the sides, and definitely large enough for a substantial quantity of colour to be put in them, too. I’m well chuffed!

Have you ever come across something you could repurpose so conveniently like this?

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