visual art in hospitals massively reduces my stress levels

Today, for what feels like the millionth time, I had an appointment at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead. If you’re a longtime follower, you’ll know why, so I won’t go into it now save to say that I have chronic health issues which necessitates this.

Usually, I only see art in the main corridors in frames, small but beautiful pieces that cheer you or make you think. And I love seeing them each time. They make me think of things other than why I’m there and in so doing, some of the stress I’m feeling lifts a little.

On the way to the hospital, I got de-Tubed twice and ended up having to take an Uber so I could make the appointment on time, despite having left well in advance.

This time, I was on the 1st floor, heading to one of the clinics (beautifully designed and easy to find, by the way) and came across this beauty!

Mural on the first floor clinic entrance/exit at the Royal Free Hospital.

A whole wall mural – I couldn’t find an artist’s name – decorating the exit. How glorious! My appointment went well, but if it hadn’t, the sight of this alone would have cheered my spirits.

Squirrel detail from the mural on the first floor clinic entrance/exit at the Royal Free Hospital

Maybe one day I’ll have the privilege of contributing such an impactful piece that makes someone in ill health happy.

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