it’s so nice to receive a lovely review!

I received a very lovely addition to my reviews page today, for a print that was purchased back in the summer of this year. The customer is very happy with her print, and it’s so lovely to hear that!

Here’s the review:


Lovely colourful kitchen prints

I really like my ‘topsy-turvy kitchen’ print from Arati. It’s both colourful and creative in its use of elements that you usually find in a kitchen. It always makes me smile. I’m really glad I purchased it! Delivery was prompt and the print came carefully wrapped. Thank you Arati!

– A.R.
The Topsy Turvy Kitchen Chart art print

She had purchased the Topsy Turvy Kitchen Chart art print, which I’d painted in shades of yellow. It’s still one of my favourites, and I might pull it out and swap out some of the art in my kitchen just as a change!

It really helps a small business like mine when kind people say nice things about our products. It adds social proof and a layer of trust envelops us like a blanket. Thank you so much to all you regular review-writers out there, helping us!

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