the van Gogh experience

Somehow, I never did get around to sharing my visit to the van Gogh experience in Spitalfields, London. There was a rather small and not very good quality selection of digital prints of the artist’s work.

Explanation of the series with a small selection of works printed on canvas
The display and some of the video was nice but the quality of print was not great.

It seemed more like an exhibition for someone who knew nothing about this supremely famous artist, especially given some of what was exhibited. The 3d model of his room (image at top) was nice but none of it was groundbreaking and everything seemed a little disjointed. Not at all well curated, I felt.

I did, however, like the immersive parts of the whole thing. There was a whole section with a 3D walkthrough with his paintings manifesting in front of the actual scene in Arles (I think?).

Given the situation, they were very good about cleanliness with the headsets and I felt safe wearing them. Did have to keep my glasses on underneath, though.
A view of fhe 3D headset bit.

And the part that was lovely was the large room where there was a pretty long video-sound-light show which was mesmerising. If you’d like to see some of rhe video, I showed it in my vlog for August. They had no objection to it being filmed – I did ask!

The audio-visual room, which probably should have been the entirety of the experience. This was lovely.

Overall, I don’t know if it was worth the price of the tickets, particularly since EVERY piece of merchandise that I might have wanted to purchase had a giant “The van Gogh Experience” logo on it. So tacky!

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