the highs and lows of making art

These three pictures represent a few highs and lows over the years. Sometimes pieces you make work and sometimes they don’t.

First is my Spring Ladybirds teatowel, an underperforming favourite for … I really love the quirkiness and freshness of it, but it’s really not done too well at all in terms of popular opinion. I have no clue as to why! What do you think of it?

Spring Ladybirds tea towel

Next is my least favourite piece of work. I’ve been asked about ‘a piece of work I hate’ but that’s a strong word, and I don’t really hate anything I make… It may not speak to me in that moment of creation, but in the end it’s just something I end up not being very fond of, rather than outright never wanting to see it again. It’s watercolour on khadi paper. And I don’t think I got the feel I wanted in the piece.

Apples watercolour painting

In total contrast, picture 3 shows a painting that I did around 2013. It’s a large piece on canvas I will always regret leaving in the rented flat we were in then, but I had to because I’d painted over (with the landlord’s permission and on the basis they’d retain it when we moved out) a really generic painting that was already in the flat. I still miss that painting 🤦🏽‍♀️❤️. It’s a definite solid favourite … Maybe one day I’ll think about asking for it back?!

Floating Shell painting

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