the most interesting part of my process is INVISIBLE

It’s the bit that takes place inside my own head that is the most detailed, convoluted, interesting part of the way in which I make art. A stream of consciousness type of feeling, that can last minutes, hours, days, months and even years, before spilling out in the form of a finished piece of art.

A little of what my brain does, depicted on paper.

I’ve previously tried to explain the way in which I conceptualise a painting, but nothing can illustrate the exact way my brain takes in experiences, thoughts and feelings, then mashes them together and creates an idea that I must express in paint.

The result of my thoughts and feelings.

It’s a wonderful feeling as well as being intensely frustrating when I know what I want to make but it won’t MAKE. Do you know what I mean?

The final print of Indian Papaya

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