playing with Sculpd air dry clay kit!

Hi everyone! I got this kit for Christmas 2020 from my family. In this video I’m showing you what I made with it. Don’t forget to keep an eye open for part II coming soon, in which I’ll paint the pieces in gouache and acrylic! Hit that like button if you enjoyed it, and subscribe to see more of my videos. Thanks for watching!

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00:00 Intro
01:48 Sculpd Kit Tour
04:00 Planning
05:23 Playing with Clay!
10:30 What I Made
12:40 Base Coat
14:19 Base Coat done!

I am not sponsored by any brands; here are the origins of each of the materials used in this video:
– Sculpd Air Dry Clay Kit (gift from family)
– Seawhite of Brighton A4 hardback sketchbook (purchased)
– Caran D’Ache Non Photo Blue Pencil (purchased)
– Uni Posca marker pen (purchased)


Hi everyone. I’m Arati Devasher. Welcome to my studio! Before I begin this week’s video, I’d like to apologise for any noise you might hear while I’m talking, because my dog is sleeping right here and he’s very noisy. He’s snoring, but he’s so fast asleep I don’t have the heart to make him move just because I’m filming. It is his house too, after all.

That said, this week’s video is all about the Sculpd air dry clay kit. I was gifted this by my family for Christmas 2020 and they know me very well indeed. I have gotten hours of enjoyment from this kit. I’ve never worked with clay before so it was a bit of a learning curve and I enjoyed myself watching a lot of YouTube videos on how to do it as well; but when it came down to it it was a little bit different from what I actually watched, so… hmmm… you’ll see that soon enough. I’ve actually worked on this clay stuff for the last two months so it… I started working with it in February. I made some pieces and then I took some time and decided to just think about what I wanted to make and then I made some more pieces and then I had to wait for it to dry. I left it for about a week or so and then of course I had to paint the base white coat which you’ll see… I’ll explain in the video… and that took a little while as well. So this has been a few weeks or months indeed in the making.

If you do like this video please do click the like button and subscribe if you’d like to see more videos from me. I put videos out every two weeks on a Friday evening and I’d love to see you there at the premiere where I’ll be available in the live chat to just have a nice little natter with you around 6 p.m, GMT. Now let’s get started with this.

So this is how this kit comes… I put it back exactly as it was. It has a pottery guide and they have video tutorials and things, clearly, I’ve watched a lot of them… and then it says pinch pot and plant pot, but I’m not really interested in making little pots because I have quite a lot already around the house and my plants are all too big for these little things. So what I’m going to do is use some of these techniques and make my own little things. So there’s that… put that away… and then there’s a packet of tools and two whole bags of clay which is really, like, nice and soft inside. So I don’t need this right now…. let me put that away… and here’s the kit that comes with it. So there are a bunch of tools and these two things. So white paint is to cover the clay once it’s dry and the sealant I guess is to make it waterproof, I would assume. It doesn’t say what’s in it so I guess if I wanted to do more than what’s in here I would have to purchase something that’s a sealant. A lot of people seem to use resin or I could just use acrylic. We’ll see how that goes. And then there’s a sponge, and some clay tools and two brushes.

I also have… this is the brush end of a foam brush. I thought I could use it to roll out the clay. So I’m just gonna keep those together and put this away for now, and I also have prepared some baking paper that… One of the tips was that the clay sticks a lot, so not to do it on your desk. And I’ve also got this board which I usually use to stick my paintings on when I want to move them around, but I’ve put a little bit of clear cello over it – the biodegradable kind – and stuck that on, so I’ll use these in a minute, but first what I want to do is take my sketchbook and in fact this is a few pages before the swatches page…

At this point I started rambling on about what I was drawing but that really isn’t the point of this video, is it? The point of this video is the air dry clay, and in the beginning I drew out all the layouts that I thought I would make with it, because I’d never played with clay before and this is what I thought you should do. So I came up with a few designs. As you can see, there are a couple of lemons, a fig, a pomegranate, a bee and just some random little bits that I just pretty much ran out of ideas for at this point. Then I marked it out with a pen because so far I’d been using my non-photo blue pencil which doesn’t scan in and then what I did is I put it on my printer-scanner Canon thing and decided to make a photocopy.

Once I’d photocopied it, I sat and cut out all the pieces because I thought I would put the little cutouts on top of the clay that I rolled out and then cut them out, and kind of be really really precise about it. As you will see later on, it didn’t quite play out that way. No matter how many YouTube videos you watch, when you’re actually doing it, it’s quite a different cup of tea. So here I am, painstakingly cutting out every single piece, and then I get to the clay. I moisturized my hands with this lovely citrus-scented balm that my friend gave me – also for Christmas – and then I got out a little bit of clay and started to play with it. And as I played with it, I realised that it’s not quite so easy to actually roll out;
and then I was doing it in this big chunk and I thought that I’d cut out the pieces from that big chunk using all the little tools that Sculpd had given in the kit. But then, when I tried to peel it off, it just sort of collapsed and then that’s when I decided that smaller pieces rolled out into the actual shape might be an easier way to do it. As it turns out, that was indeed the best way to do it. Now, having watched the Great British Pottery Throwdown, one actually thinks that it looks easier than it actually is and when they’re making those big slab pottery pieces… I am now amazed at how they managed to do it. The level of skill that is involved in actually working with clay is unbelievable.

It looks like I’m doing it really fast here but in reality this took me almost an hour and a half which is why I decided to speed it up and, like, not have you watch me faffing about with it which is literally what I did for ages and ages. Literally, faffed around with the clay, not getting very much done and taking absolutely ages to make each little piece. As you can see here, I went really methodically and cut out each little design that I’d done in my sketchbook but as I progressed I wondered whether it was just easier to kind of make things off the cuff and just come up with ideas as I was making them and then in the end that’s kind of what happened, because I discovered that just making a shape and then deciding what you want to do with it ended up being a little bit more fun than this very precise cutting out of things, basically, for a piece that you were going to paint later.

And that’s, I think, the problem with all the videos that I watched because they were all of people making little brooches and earrings and things like that and they were just very basic shapes, which they were literally going to paint in gouache or acrylic later on, in order to make things with them. But I realized that once I started just playing with the clay and actually sculpting (Sculpd-ing!) with it is when I really had the fun.

Shortly before I began this little piece that I’m making right now my husband walked in, and I noticed what a nice nose he had; and I decided that I wanted to make a piece with his nose on it, and that is literally what I’m doing now. And that’s when I realized that the Sculpd kit is meant to be fun! I’m not intending to sell these pieces. I’m not intending to make things that I’m going to wear, but I do want to make things that make me remember this kit.

And that’s where I think that this is one of the best presents I’ve ever received, in that normally with presents you either use them or you have them for a little while and then you discard them. But this is one thing that I think that I’m going to have for many, many years. I mean, I can’t see myself throwing out my husband’s nose in clay, can you? Haha! I mean, when he sees it, he might want to throw it out but I’m going to have it on my desk or on my bedside table. Every time I look at it I’ll just remember the good time that I had making it and just have a little laugh, I think.
And isn’t that the point of a good present it’s just to have…
have a good laugh, have good memories attached to it and to have had a bit of fun using it. Now, I have to say here that I am not sponsored… this is just a gift that my family gave me, and I think that I will probably gift something like this to someone else if I ever get the opportunity, because it has literally given me hours and hours and hours of enjoyment! You can see how long I spent on this little piece, I mean, I was giggling throughout and having such a good time, and I kept going and looking at my husband’s nose, and he could not for the life of him figure out what I was doing, just looking at his face every now and again, popping into the room and popping back out! It was literally the best time ever.

Eventually, I stopped faffing around with this piece and even though I had a good time, I did move on to make other little pieces. I mean just look at this just look at that nose profile. I mean, it’s a little bit more bent than his actual nose is, but never mind. Anyway, so I moved on and I used a lot more clay and this time I did use it in little pieces and kept molding little shapes and little,
little things individually. It was definitely a better way to go than the big chunk of clay.

I didn’t end up recording all the pieces that I made, but there must have been like 30 or 40 by the end of this, but I did record the more… the beginning pieces, and a couple of the more interesting pieces, one being obviously my husband’s nose, and the second being this little pomegranate that I am going to paint using either gouache or acrylics.

So, here we are, several weeks later, and I have finished the clay in both of these packets and it does come out to quite a lot of pieces. So as you can see I went on after what I filmed and made quite a lot more pieces. I think that I’ll use them either as ornaments or as props for my photography, I mean, I think you saw that two or three videos ago.
And I also made a container which I think I want to transfer my brushes from over there into this. I did put legs on it. You can see where they fell off, unfortunately. I think… I mean, it said that possibly the clay wasn’t at the correct… um… I guess it’s called, like, you’re supposed to have them both at the same dampness in order to stick and I didn’t have that, because it took me quite a lot of long time to sort of perfect this piece. I mean, I say perfect, but it’s still a bit rough, isn’t it?

And I’m not sure what I was doing with these two… little bit of a fail!

I was planning to have them like this to sort of separate the brushes but didn’t quite work out. Anyway, that’s a fail. This little pinch pot also unfortunately was a fail. I’m not quite sure what I was trying to do with it, but some of my other little containers did come out quite nicely. I’m quite happy with this one and I did this to keep my lip balms in and I think I’ll probably use that for my memory cards. These came out really well. I’m very happy with them and the nose thing came out beautifully as well. That did come up nicely and so did the pomegranate and I made two little brush rests.

One’s a whale, as you can see, and the other one’s a koi fish; and it’ll be a little bit more obvious, I think, when I paint them, but very excited about those two little fellas. So, as you can see, I’ve been quite busy doing all this. Now what remains is to use this white paint… come on focus, there we go… this white paint to cover them on both sides. Now I’m not going to film that… I might film the last piece because I can see that this is going to be quite tedious doing all these little pieces.

I was quite right, it was extremely tedious. As you can see, I did paint… um… with quite a bit of mess. My fingers were covered in this sort of… I think it was an acrylic-based paint… by the end of it and I’m wondering whether I shouldn’t have just used my gouache paints in the first place as I was painting the final bits. Um, I guess hindsight is a great thing, isn’t it? I also wonder whether I should have left a couple of pieces sort of unpainted in white just to see what gouache or acrylic look like on the base clay color, which also I… should have thought of that before I painted everything, I suppose, but oh well!

I spent a lot of time doing this and I’m going to spend yet more time actually doing
the final painting of many of these pieces. I will keep a lot of them white, I think, because I would like to use them as props and I prefer to have just plain white pieces. But those pieces I think I could also use as paperweights around the house or just on a shelf you know propped up against some books, I think that would look really nice.

All in all I think this was a really, really great Christmas present for me, particularly for me, because I like making things and doing things with my hand[s] and I don’t like things that I just have to chuck out after a little while or that get consumed and that I can’t really remember later on, you know? Anyway here are what they look like, slightly upside down, in the white paint. I’m so so happy with these two little brush holders; you will probably see me using these and of course this pot in future videos because I am going to waterproof it, and these of course you’ll see in my product photos.

So I’ve sat here painting these for an hour and a bit and there’s quite a lot of white paint left in the bottle. These did come out quite well. They do they do stick a bit when it’s wet, so I guess I might have to do some touch-ups later on, but I’m so happy with how these came out! It looks so cute! These as well… they’ve all been painted. I’ve just done the the other side of them, so I’ve turned them over. They do dry fairly quickly. I think it’s like an acrylic sort of paint. I’ve done this one all the way inside and all these as well… they’re all upside down at the minute. So you can see nice and white ready to paint. So I will see you in my next one, thanks for watching!

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