9 March 2021 is #madeinUKday – please support locally made today (and every day)

Today I’m not sharing my own products (yes, all illustrated by me in Ruislip and made in the UK!). Instead, I’d like to highlight what making a small purchase of under £20 from a small business that makes or manufactures within the UK can do for the economy and the environment, particularly since Brexit is making itself felt in the form of extra fees and loss of business for small makers and exporters.

March 9th.

Please do mark it in your calendars as a new annual celebration of UK-made products and services… every year, this day will now be a way to celebrate locally made and UK-based products and services.

Made in UK Day celebrates all of the wonderful products made in the United Kingdom and the people who make them.

The day has been created by Make it British, a community of UK-made brands and manufacturers (of which I am a member, and they support us small makers as well as larger manufacturers and brands equally.

UK manufacturing is worth £192 billion to the UK economy.

It employs 2.7 million people.

More than 65 million people live in the UK.

If everyone bought just one item made in the UK worth £20 on #madeinukday it would be worth £1.3 billion.

As a consumer, you can get involved with Made in UK Day, today, March 9th, by doing any (or all) of the following:

Follow the hashtag #madeinukday
Find products made in the UK and meet the people who make them… ask questions and find out more about the brands.

Contact a brand or store
Ask your favourite British brands what, if anything, that they sell is made in the UK. If not, why not? Do they intend to make in the UK in the future?

Buy a UK-made product
Support UK makers by purchasing just one product that is made in the UK on #madeinukday

Share a photo
Take a snap of anything that you have bought or own that is made in the UK and share it on social media using the hashtags #madeinukday and #madeinuk

And then, please comment on this post and tell me what you purchased and why you love that brand. I’d really love to discover new things too.

I started the day by purchasing some lovely pint mugs from the lovely Libby Ballard Ceramics. Do go check out her beautiful wares! All made in the UK by the lovely lady herself. I’ll be looking for a few other things too. Have a peep at my instagram stories for more through the day!

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