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Hi everyone, I did an instagram live while photographing my prints, and have edited it for you to view here. I’m not a photographer, but I hope you find some of the things I do useful in your own photography. All the prints featured are my own illustrations, available at and listed below.

You can also watch on and subscribe to my YouTube channel. There are subtitles available, and the transcript is below if you need to read as well as watch. I’d love to hear what you think, so leave a comment here or on youtube, or email me. Sign up to my email list as well for more at

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Backdrop
00:52 Camera
01:05 Camera Connection to Phone App
02:12 Photographing Prints
04:21 Festive Props
06:18 Using Festive Props
06:49 Lighting
07:27 Rearranging Props Tip
08:13 Photographing Prints in My Hands
08:34 Multiple Uses for the Photographs Tip
08:53 End Comments

I am not sponsored by any brands; here are the origins of the items used in this video:
– Sony NEX-6 Camera (purchased in 2013, would not recommend – if you are purchasing one, go for a Canon EOS which can connect to your computer for remote shooting)
– Unbranded tripod with boom arm (purchased)
– Android Phone OnePlus 5t (gift from husband, now sadly cracked across the screen!)
– Vinyl backdrop “Ashen Wood” from Club Backdrops (purchased)
– Neewer soft-box studio lights (gift from family)
– IKEA Tertial desk lamp with 6500K Phillips bulb (purchased)
– Assorted festive props (purchased)
– Art prints (my own illustrations, available for sale at

My art prints in order of appearance:
Pink Pomegranate
‘Kaapi’ Madras Filter Coffee
Fig & Honey
Jar with Spatula and Whisk
Pasta Pasta Pasta
Bread and Jam
Mushrooms on Toast
Gin Mandala
Mojito Mandala


Hi everyone I’m Arati Devasher, welcome to my studio. A few days ago I did an Instagram live where I showed how I photograph my art prints including using props for the next Christmas season and today I’m going to share that with you. I’ve edited it slightly to fit in the YouTube horizontal format because instagram live is vertical portrait and I hope that you enjoy it. If you do like it, please do click the like button to let me know that you enjoyed this,. Let’s get started.

This is my nice background that I use for my website, and then use some tape to stick it down.

This is my camera up here. I’m just going to turn that on. Now obviously I can’t see what’s going on up there, but I have this handy little thing, where that… connects to this… So I have a little app called Imaging Edge which connects to my Sony (NEX-6) camera and I’m just going to connect with it, hopefully it’ll work. Can you see that? It says it’s going to connect and now I can see what’s up there… without having to go… uuuunh… So that goes over here… I just make sure… well I can see it over there, so put it down this side… zoom in a little bit so that you can’t really see that.

Okay. I am ready to start. Make sure this is straight in comparison to that camera up there. So here’s what I can see. Because I’ve stretched across it can see my hand now… can you see that? Hi!!! Up here… yeah… okay, so that’s over there now let me get my prints. So I just generally just lay them out like that so I can see up here… and here you can see that’s what I can see. So I’m just going to move them around and see what I’m comfortable with… a little bit more centralised and then all I have to do is check that my settings are right… make sure everything is straight…yup, that’s why I tape it so that it doesn’t move around too much, because it is bigger than my table and then I have a shutter button up here so all I do is… I’ve got a two minute delay on it. Press the shutter button and it clicked, and it’s putting the image onto my phone. And there it is. Now it does do it sideways, because the camera is sideways, but I can change it around later. So here we go… that one’s done and then what I’m going to do is photograph this one individually just holding it like that… let me put my sleeves up… I don’t like my sleeves to show because every picture has like a different coloured sleeve, not nice. So there’s that and then I want to… want it to focus so I’m going to tap right in the middle so it focuses there. I’m just gonna hold it… get my hand out… quickly! There we go… that one’s done. Then, I’m going to do these… like people could always buy them four at a time and have it as a set, so I’m going to do one shot with them… maybe the red ones together just like that… and… make sure they’re straight. And tap and wait for it to take the shot.

There we go! And then I’m gonna add a few props in because obviously, festive season. For that, I have my little box of props. Let me show you what I have before I take any pictures. I have some ribbon. I have random lights. I have confetti. More lights, which I usually use for my cards, like I’ll put them around and on behind the cards. What I’m going to use now is a few Christmas decorations.. so there’s that… that one… I’ve got… this is actually a pencil you can actually sharpen it and use it as a pencil but it looks kind of like a candy cane. Use a nice one… and I’ve got a few like sparkly things but I don’t think they’ll show up in the photograph… but I do have like stamps.. Christmas tree stamp and where are the rest? There’s a snowflake… and a… there was one more but I don’t know… oh… there it is a red snowflake as well… can you see that? And then I have a little bauble… just one randomly floating around. And a bit of string… that’s usually what I use for giftwrapping and things… so let’s use that…
let’s keep that as well… and then I’ve got some fruity bits… so I’ve got dried lemons, which can als… always be handy because I am, of course, photographing food and let’s use some pineapples I’m not sure where I got all this stuff… I think I just picked it up randomly over the years… I’ve just had them for quite a long time… I don’t actually use them for Christmas decorating, I just use them for this. So, well, anyway… so I’m just going to use these to do all my shots. Let’s put that away and yes I do chuck things on the floor so I’ll have to clear up afterwards!

And now I’m going to take a shot just like this so that if I have to do any photoshop-ing later or something goes wrong or a blurry image somewhere so I can replace bits but I can also use this as a background for my website at different points. Then what I’m going to do is start with my props. And then I thought I’d just quickly show you, because it is a bit dark, I have my trusty IKEA lamp over here and I also have studio lights over there… oops I gotta fix that… which is giving me enough light to photograph my work adequately…

That’s that… okay so that’s all done. So I just get a sheet of paper and I just put everything… tuck it in here, put everything on that and I’ll sort it out later. Like I said… things… it gets dark quickly so I do need to finish as long as I have some natural light coming in from the window in addition to my lights… so, that just goes on the floor tucked away for now, and that’s that. Now what I’m gonna do is do one just holding the print up… again, make sure that that’s zoomed in a bit more… yeah… and then the print…

So that’s done… I am done with my photography!

Hi again everyone I hope you enjoyed that video. I think I will do something similar on YouTube perhaps in the future. If you think I should do so please do let me know in the comments below… I’d love to see your opinions. If you did like the video please do click the like button it really helps me out. Thank you for watching and I will see you in my next video. Bye!

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